• EYFS - Mrs Radford

    EYFS - Mrs Radford

    • Welcome to our Early Years Foundation Stage class with Mrs Radford (T) and Mrs Hill (LSA) and Mrs Woch (LSA)
  • Y1 - Mrs Griffiths

    Y1 - Mrs Griffiths

    • Welcome to our Year 1 class page with Mrs Griffiths (class teacher) and Mr Dixon (LSA)
  • Y1 - Miss Brouder

    Y1 - Miss Brouder

    • Come in an read about our Year 1 class with Miss Brouder (T) and Mrs Freckingham (LSA)
  • Y2 - Mrs Butcher

    Y2 - Mrs Butcher

    • Welcome to our Year 2 class page with Mrs Butcher (T) and Mr Orzech (LSA)
  • Y2 - Mrs Orridge

    Y2 - Mrs Orridge

    • Welcome to our Year 2 class page. We work with Mrs Orridge, Mrs Healey and Mrs Woch.
  • Y3 Mrs Cathcart

    Y3 Mrs Cathcart

    • We are Year 3! We learn with Mrs Cathcart (T) and Mrs Woods (T).
  • Y5 - Miss Barrs

    Y5 - Miss Barrs

    • We are year 5 class with Miss Barrs (T) and Mrs Blackbourn-Warr (LSA) and Mrs McConnell (HLTA). Ages range from 9-10
  • Y6 - Miss Vissani

    Y6 - Miss Vissani

    • This is our Y6 class with Miss Vissani (T), Mrs Woch (LSA) and Mrs McConnell (HLTA). We are aged 10 to 11 years old.