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    In the afternoon, we got changed into our pyjamas, put on our slippers and dressing gowns and went into the Library, with our teddies, for a story called 'Peace at Last'. While we were in the Library the classroom was changed around so that when we came back in we could use our blankets to build dens. We all really enjoyed doing this, we had to work together as a team.
    Once we had made our den, we crept inside with our teddies and torches and read the special books which we had brought in from home. We needed to use our torches as it was very dark inside!
    After a while we came out of our dens and sat on the carpet ready to listen to a bedtime story. Our teachers gave us milk and a biscuit, Mrs. Blake made the biscuits; they were teddy bear shaped and tasted delicious.
    A fun afternoon was had by all!