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    The year 3 class had a fantastic, slightly damp, day at Berry Covert. Despite the rain in the morning the children had great fun learing how to build dens using the natural building tools of the forest.
    After having dinner in the shelter and sharing their food with Hatty the dog the children were involved in a game of capture the flag.
    They had to creep around the woods and try to steal a flag from an opponents area without being seen, then return the flag to the shelter. If they were seen by a guard they were held prisoner by the guards.
    After several games of this they made their way to a cross roads in the middle of the woods where they had a game of on the spot hide and seek. Mr Snow had to stand on the same spot and gave the children 10 seconds to hide or conceal themselves. This took many forms from hiding behing bushes to simply lying on the floor with coats covering their heads. Mr Snow then had to identify who he could see from their clothing alone.