• Welcome to our Year 2 class page. We work with Mrs L Brownson
  • Welcome to our Year 2 class page. We work with Mrs L Brownson
  • This year we have lots of very exciting topics planned.


    Our RE topic for this term is New Beginnings and we will be developing our understanding of the Creation story. Children are assessed in RE by their ability to recognise, describe and give reasons relating to the lesson objective.


    In our first term of Maths we will be looking at number, place value, addition and subtraction, number bonds up to 20 and we will be beginning to learn our 2 times tables.


    English this half term will be based around the book The Twits. Whilst studying this book children will cover all aspects of the National Curriculum – reading, comprehension, writing and GAPS.
    Children will continue to develop their knowledge of phonics and spelling rules, whilst improving their sentence structure, presentation and composition skills. Handwriting is very important this year and we will be working extremely hard to make sure our letters are formed correctly and then joined.

    GAPS - Grammar, punctuation and spelling

    The new national curriculum has a large focus on GAPS and children in Year 2 will have daily GAPS lessons to develop their understanding of grammar, sentence structure, expanded noun phrases, past/present tense, subordination and features of written standard English.
    Children will also have weekly spelling challenges with age related words taken from the national curriculum.


    Our Science topic this half term is Animals including humans. We will be learning about a variety of common animals including fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.
    We will be finding out about the basic needs of animals, including humans, for survival and learning the importance for humans of exercise, eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.


    PE is taught by Mrs Eaves. The children are enjoying learning the fundamental basics of movement; including running, skipping, developing balance, agility and coordination.


    Music continues to be a high priority in Year 2 with the children enjoying weekly hymn practice with all of KS1 and weekly music lessons.


    Our topic’s for this half term are Christopher Columbus in History and Continents, Oceans, Countries  and  Capital Cities in Geography.