• Welcome to our Year 2 class page. We work with Mrs Orridge and Miss Payne.
  • How can it be the summer term already?

    This term we have lots of exciting things planed as well as preparing for our KS1 SATS in May.

    In RE we are going to be covering the topics Spread the Word, Rules and Treasures.  Children are assessed in RE by their ability to recognise, describe and give reasons relating to the lesson objective. 

    In Maths we are continuing to deepen our knowledge and understanding of the Year 2 curriculum through various reasoning and problem solving activities. Children will also continue to have weekly times table challenges working through the 2’s, 5’s and 10’s times tables.

    The new national curriculum has a large focus on GAPS and children will continue to have daily GAPS lessons to develop their understanding of grammar, sentence structure, expanded noun phrases, past/present tense, different word endings, subordination and features of written standard English. Children will also have weekly spelling challenges with age related words taken from the national curriculum.  Children will then be applying these skills in their writing though various weekly topics covering different genres.

    PE is taught by sports specialist Mrs Ward on a Monday and Wednesday. The children are enjoying learning the fundamental basics of movement including; running, skipping, developing balance, agility and coordination. This term the children will also be enjoying some Athletics.