• Welcome to our Year 1 class page with Mr Sim (class teacher) and Mrs Freckingham (LSA)
  • Thank you for visiting our class page. Keep checking our page to find out about for our latest adventures and achievements.
  • Now we are in year one, we are trying to become more independent and learn new ways to help ourselves.

    Our geography work is taking us on adventures overseas as we find out about different  countries, continents and oceans. We have really enjoyed looking around Melton on Google Earth and then having a look around famous landmarks and parts of the world we were interested in. We are also going to be finding out about different parts of the UK and using a compass to practise our orienteering skills.

    In history we are learning about Christopher Columbus and other more recent explorers and comparing their experiences.

    In science we will be finding out about animals – how they are classified, how they eat; move and  what their babies are like. We will  also be making a wormery and observing earthworms.

    In maths we will be doing lots of work to help with our understanding of place value so we are super confident at reading, writing, ordering and representing numbers up to 20. We are will be practising counting forwards and backwards and will be working on our basic addition skills and writing number sentences. We will have lots of opportunities to show our understanding and deepen our knowledge through fun  problem solving activities that challenge our brains.

    In English we will be working on making sure our sentences have finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. We have enjoyed reading, writing and acting out the story of Little Rabbit Foo Foo and will be exploring the book Superworm  later on alongside our science work on worms. We have also done some fantastic non-fiction writing about spiders. We are getting really good at using our phonics to read and write words and are learning new sounds every week. We have been working hard on learning those tricky red word spellings for our weekly spelling checks and are definitely getting better. Every week you can check our reading records to see which spellings we are confident with, and which ones we need to practise.

    We are lucky enough to have a PE expert teaching some of our PE this year and we are really enjoying learning new skills and games.

    Our religion topics for the autumn term are Families, Belonging and Waiting. It has been lovely seeing all the photos of our families and hearing about all the things we do in our families. We have been thinking about Jesus’ family and what it means to belong to a family.