• Welcome to our Year 2 class page with Mrs Orridge (T), Mrs Brownson (T), Mrs Evans (LSA) and Miss Alicja (LSA)
  • Morning/End of the day – In the morning children may come into school from 8:35am, put all  belongings away and start the daily morning task.  At the end of the day the children will be dismissed from the steps of the side door entrance at the bottom end of the school.

    Homework – this will be given out on a Friday and unless otherwise stated will be due in the following Thursday. The homework will be a task to support something the children have done the previous week or prepare for work to come.

    Spellings and times tables - spellings will be given out on a Friday to learn for the following Friday. I will be introducing weekly times table challenges after the October half term, with the first challenge being the 2X tables. I will send out further information on how you can support your child with learning the times tables nearer the time. 

    Reading – we aim to have each child heard read by an adult in school at least once a week. This will either be a guided read and/or their school reading book. We encourage parents to hear their child read at home regularly and please make comments in their reading books as you wish.  We also encourage parents to continue to read aloud to children as a way of developing children’s enjoyment of reading.

    P.E. - Please make sure your child has a full PE kit in school all week as PE lessons can take place on any day of the week. A letter will be sent home if PE kits are not in school as it is an essential part of the curriculum.  For the health and safety of our children, earrings are not allowed during PE so can you please ensure that your child is able to take them out themselves or provide them with tape to cover them up.


    This year we have lots of very exciting topics planned.


    RE - Our RE topic for this term is New Beginnings and we will be developing our understanding of the Creation story. Children are assessed in RE by their ability to recognise, describe and give reasons relating to the lesson objective.


    Maths - In our first term of Maths we will be looking at number, place value, addition and subtraction, number bonds up to 20 and we will be beginning to learn our 2 times tables.


    English – In English this term we will be: learning to join all of our letters together; develop spelling strategies - learning to spell the KS1 common exception words correctly; develop strategies to read unfamiliar words and we will be using high quality literature, film, art and music as stimuli for writing through various genres – starting with Finding Nemo and Frank’s summer holiday adventures!


    GAPS - Grammar, punctuation and spelling – The national curriculum has a large focus on GAPS and children in Year 2 will have daily GAPS lessons to develop their understanding of grammar, sentence structure, expanded noun phrases, past/present tense, subordination and features of written standard English. Children will also have weekly spelling challenges with age related words taken from the national curriculum.


    PE - PE is taught by Mrs Orridge and Mrs Eaves. The children will be learning the fundamental basics of movement; including running, skipping, developing balance, agility and coordination.


    Music - Music continues to be a high priority in Year 2 with the children enjoying weekly hymn practice and weekly music lessons with Mrs Orridge.  


    Science – In science the children will start off by learning about animals, including humans.  Children will be introduced to the basic needs of animals for survival, as well as the importance of exercise and nutrition for humans. We will be also looking at the processes of reproduction and growth in animals.


    Topic - Our topics for this term are Christopher Columbus and the artist LS Lowry. Children will be tasked with conducting their own research into Lowry and I am looking forward to reading and hearing about all they have discovered.


    Star Writer – Each week one piece of written work will be chosen as the ‘work of the week’  and as a special treat the ‘star writer’ is allowed wear the special super boy/super girl cape for the day.


    As you can imagine we are extremely busy in the classroom and if you would like to offer your support in hearing the children read, you will be very welcome. If you have time available and could help it would be very much appreciated, please let me know.