The new School Council has been elected for this academic year. The Council meets every few weeks to discuss issues and ideas raised by the children throughout the school.

School Council Photo 2017

Why do we have a School Council?

  • Gives us children a place to have our voice
  • Helps improve the school for us children
  • Helps solve problems children have
  • Helps raise money for charities
  • Helps to improve the school environment through reporting problems
  • Discusses problems in the school
  • Gives adults a place to make suggestions too
  • Gives children a place to share their ideas
  • Helps children have ownership of their school

How the School Council works

The School Council Representatives (who are elected by their class mates) have a meeting with their class. The class make suggestions to the School Council about how to improve the school or what they would like to happen in the school.

The Class Representatives report their classes’ suggestions back to the School Council, who discuss them. The Councillors then decide what action to take. They might seek advice or ask a member of staff if the idea can be implemented

The action taken is reported back to the council at the next meeting. The councillors report back to their class.

What the School Council has achieved

  • Helped organise the Eco Carnival
  • Organised a green Eco working Party to help the school become more Eco Friendly and work towards the Eco School Award
  • Improved hot dinners through consultation with the school cook
  • Helped improve playtimes through discussion of what the children wanted and the introduction of Top Court ball games
  • Asked P.T.A. for help with purchasing playtime equipment
  • New foam soap in the toilets
  • Mirrors in the toilets
  • Arranged fruit for KS2 at playtimes for those who want it -at a small price of 10p