Why do we have House Families?

  • Gives us children a place to have our voice
  • Helps improve the school for us children
  • Helps solve problems children have
  • Helps raise money for charities
  • Helps to improve the school environment through reporting problems 
  • Helps to improve the Catholic Life of our school
  • Discusses problems in the school
  • Gives adults a place to make suggestions too
  • Gives children a place to share their ideas
  • Helps children have ownership of their school

Each House Family has selected two representatives. They all have fantastic ideas about how we can make the School even better. 

“I like that we have a House Family prayer which we are learning so that everyone can join in.”

“We can tell all of the children key information about what we are doing to improve our school

“I believe I will make a good House Family Representative because I will listen to other peoples ideas and gather them together”

“I like being a House Family Representative as I can help children in my House  Family to reflect on their feelings and this helps them to share what they really think and we can try to make them feel better”

“We help other children to live out the Catholic Virtues”

Every child’s opinion is valued in our school and our House Families are intended to give all children a chance to get their voice heard.

The children will meet regularly in their House Family. The four Houses are:

St Anthony – Red

St ClareGreen

St Elizabeth – Yellow

St Francis – Blue

Each house has three families and children from each year group are represented within the family. This is an opportunity for the children to share ideas and mix with children from across the school

This is to enable the children to have genuine ownership of things that happen within the school; to experience Catholic Social Teaching and democracy first hand and to feel empowered to make a difference in our community.

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