Pupil Premium EYFS- Y6

The Pupil Premium is extra government money which is paid to schools to support children’s learning and development.

We can support you in finding out if your child could receive the extra money. We then choose how to best spend the Pupil Premium money and will work with you to make sure your child benefits from the extra

Who could benefit from this money?

Children from EYFS to Year 6 may be eligible if they:

• are registered for Free School Meals (FSM)
• have been registered for FSM at any point in the last 6 years
• are or have been in care

• have parents in the armed forces

*If your child could claim for FSM but takes a
packed lunch to school, it’s still important you tell
their school. This will let them know your child is
able to receive the Pupil Premium.

If your child is eligible for pupil premium there are lots of benefits for your child in school.

Your child could benefit from:

 exciting new learning activities and
opportunities to widen their life experiences
 one to one or small group sessions
 extra tools, materials and equipment to help
with learning in school or at home
 before/after school clubs or activities