School uniform can be purchased in a wide range of ways, from online to in stores, both local and national. See below:

The family-run business Deco Schoolwear supplies all of the school uniform and gives the option for items with the school logo as well as items in the school house colours. Please note that there is no requirement for any item of school uniform to have the school logo or badge.

Local business KidZone also stocks items with the school logo as well as all other school uniform items.

You can also get in touch with them via email:

Marks and Spencer stocks brown uniform and some Asda stores in Leicester also stock brown trousers and skirts as well as yellow shirts/blouses.

Name tags

Order nametags for your child’s uniform and belongings following the link below.  24% of the order total will be donated to our PTA!  Thank you for your support. and the school ID is 31143

Following a survey of parents there is an overwhelming agreement with the following school uniform policy. The policy at St. Francis School is that all children should wear school uniform. It is understood that parents who send their children to the school will fully support this policy.


Shoes should be brown or black and should not have deep heels (more than one inch) Boots are not appropriate.Trainers are preferable for outdoor P.E.Sandals with open toes at school are dangerous and should not be worn.

Please note that the uniform does not include boots i.e. footwear reaching above the ankle.

Games and P.E.

All children must wear the correct kit for games and P.E.

Occasionally, for gymnastics and dance, children may perform in bare feet. Normally plimsolls will be worn inside and trainers or football boots outside. Trainers may not be worn for indoor P.E. Stud ear-rings and watches should be removed for all P.E. lessons. Track suits are suggested for winter outdoor PE, these need to be plain (no logos) and no bright colours please.

Children start attending swimming lessons in Year 3. Girls should wear a one-piece costume and tie back long hair or wear a swimming cap. Boys should wear swimming trunks – bermuda shorts are unacceptable.

The wearing of goggles can only occur if a letter is provided by parents, stating the medical reason for their necessity.


Plain ear studs are the only jewellery allowed in school – only one stud allowed per ear. These must be removed for P.E. and swimming. It is preferable for ear-piercing to take place during the summer holidays to allow time for healing to take place.

Ear studs must be removed for swimming lessons and should be removed by the children themselves. It may be appropriate for children not to wear any ear studs on days when swimming takes place.

Children who need to keep studs in after recently having their ears pierced may not be able to do swimming for a while or may have to cover their ear lobes with tape for P.E. This follows strict guidance from the Local Education Authority on this matter.

Watches may be worn from Year 3 onwards. (Watches ‘bleeping’ in class may be confiscated as they disturb others). Long hair should be tied back using yellow or brown bands, flat grips, etc. No artificial braids or hair jewellery allowed. No extreme hair cuts.

Hands:  Nail varnish should not be worn in school.