Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The children will be making lots of friends and learning how they can play and work together. They will learn to take turns and share with others. The children will work hard to develop independence and to do things for themselves.

Physical Development

The children will be learning how to hold scissors correctly and improve their control and coordination. There will also be daily opportunities to take part and join in with running, jumping, climbing and riding bikes. There will be lots of opportunities for mark making both inside and outside.

Communication and Language

The children will be practising their listening skills and paying attention to others.  They will have opportunities to listen and respond to stories.  They will be encouraged to ask questions and predict what might happen next.  This will lead onto them making up their own stories and taking part in role-play activities.

Specific Areas


The children will be learning lots of new stories and retelling familiar tales.  We will be looking at rhymes and repeating language patterns.  The children will learn to recognise some sounds in words and they will be using different equipment to make marks and say what they mean.

Phonics – The children will be focusing on hearing sounds and learning how to differentiate sounds initially and also rhyming words.  We will also be learning how to match letters to their sounds.


The children will be learning to count, order and recognise numbers to 20.  There will be opportunities to apply their number skills within the classroom and the outdoor learning environment.  We will be looking at recognising repeated patterns and naming some simple 2D shapes.  We will be encouraging the children to use mathematical language to describe position, size and quantity.

Understanding the World

The children will have the opportunity to share with others experiences they have had and their favourite things when they each have a turn to take home the Culture Box.. The children will be learning to use a simple programs on the computer.

Expressive Arts

Lots of opportunities will be available for the children to be creative using a variety of different materials.  We will be looking at drawing story characters and settings.  We will have lots of fun making music with percussion instruments and singing our favourite and new songs.

We are really looking forward to working with you and your children.

Thank you,

The EYFS team